The Benefits of Mobile Notary Services Versus Online Notarization

You’ve just sealed a contract, sold your house, or need an affidavit and don’t have time to set an appointment for your documents to be notarized tomorrow. You’re thinking of using a website to notarize your documents and realize that online notarization doesn’t apply to your documents.


Lucky for you don’t have to travel to someone’s office or make an appointment, you can have a notary public come and assist you at the place you choose on your time. There are many benefits to Mobile notary service over online notary service. Here are some of them.

Flexible timing

No longer are you bound by strict office timings and stranded over the weekend. With mobile notary services, you can call, text, or email for an appointment with flexible hours to cater to your every need. If it’s an affidavit, contract or sale doesn’t matter. All tasks can be accomplished on your time with your convenience. You can still have a face-to-face interaction with a skilled notary and rest at ease which cannot be provided through online notarization.

The Hassle of Transportation

The biggest pro of Online notary services is that you can benefit from them in your own home. However, what if you are somewhere without access to the internet or aren’t very tech savvy? You still don’t have to leave your house. An experienced notary can come to your house at the press of a button too.


Let’s say you can’t leave since you’re in the hospital or a nursing home. Would you be more comfortable operating a device with the genuine human connection offered by a real person helping you?

Always Accepted

The operations standards for mobile notary services are almost the same for services provided in an office. The courts agree over them, and everything is clear on what the requirements are in different states.


When it comes to online notary services, not all states have decided to allow it, and the ones that do have all sorts of hoops that you or the notary have to jump through to make it legitimate. It would be disappointing to sign up for a notary website only to find out they do not cater to your specific case.

You Don’t Have to Know How to Use the Computer

There are two kinds of people, people who know how to use computers and people who do not. Some people have barely grasped how to use their smartphones.


Imagine a grandfather who wishes to add his favorite grandchild to his will. Should he have to pass a tumultuous learning curve or simply call a mobile notary to come and assist him on a level, he can understand effortlessly?


Different states have set different charges for notary services. Imagine meeting an actual professional instead of a faceless website for the same set price.


All in all, mobile notary services offer you the same security as if they were at the office with the convenience of online notary services. It’s the best of both worlds!

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