Notary Myths You Need to Know

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Notarization is an essential service that is tremendously useful when dealing with documentation. But despite being such a crucial resource, not many people know what exactly it is, even if they have heard the title ‘notary public.’ The lack of understanding regarding notary officials and their service exists because people seldom encounter situations requiring interaction…

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Do I need a Notary to Sell my Car?

Selling a car can be quite a hassle. From getting it cleaned and posting pictures online to meeting a potential buyer and working out the terms, all this and more come with putting up a vehicle on the market. But out of all the steps that need to be followed when disposing of an automobile,…

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Different Ways of Getting Notary Services

The notarization industry is one of those that required services to be done even after the pandemic had hit the world. While the court had stopped most of the proceedings, there were still documents that clients were required to get notarized for several different purposes. This is why an alternative that did exist for quite…

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What Documents Can You Get Signed By A Notary Public

A man signing a document

The job of a notary public is highly critical. They’re appointed by the state to serve as a witness to the signing of important documents. It is the job of a notary public to ensure that the signers of documents understand the contents of the document they’re signing and are signing at their free will.…

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Qualities Of A Good Notary Public

Some documents hold immense value and need to be notarized to ensure that the documents aren’t fraudulent. These documents are signed in the presence of a notary public who takes the responsibility that the contents of the documents are understood by the signer. He also acknowledges that the signer was actually present at the time…

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How To Sign Your Will and What Role Does Notary Public Play?

Having your will finalized isn’t as simple as movies make it look like. If you don’t follow the extensive formalities, your will might be deemed invalid. To make sure that a situation like this doesn’t arise, it is important that you understand the entire process of will signing and also the role that a notary…

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The Key Responsibilities Of a Notary Public

Monetary transactions like car loans, mortgages, wills, and powers of attorney require notarized documents. Notarization of documents has to be done by a certified notary public for them to deem authentic. The paperwork involved in transactions like these hold great significance, and therefore, needs to be verified before it can be processed. A notary public…

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How Important Is the Notary in Real Estate Transactions?

Congratulations to you if you’ve finally found your dream home. However, in the midst of your excitement and joy, we would like to remind you that closing the deal to your dream house is not simple. It requires a lot of documentation and legalities before you can call it your home. To complete the transactions…

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When to Say No to Notarization

The job of notaries is extremely critical. Many times, a notary may be asked to perform improper or illegal notarizations by their co-workers, seniors, or even some customers. If you are an official in the notary business, it is very important that you know when you should notarize a document and when you need to…

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Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Notary Service Provider

When it comes to notarizing your important documents, you should look for the right notary service provider. A trustworthy notary service provider gets through all the documentations smoothly and efficiently. The job of a notary service provider is not easy. It involves dealing with sensitive legal matters, and thus finding the right notice service provider can…

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