What are the Benefits of Hiring a Notary Public

Getting your document signed by a notary public is usually one of the precursors to make it legally binding. The notary confirms the identity of the person signing the document and ensures they understand the contents of the documents being signed.

Below are some of the major benefits of a notary public we’ve outlined.

Preventing Legal Disputes

Part of a notary’s role is to confirm the identities of the parties signing a document.  This requires the use of valid identification before you actually sign the documents. It isn’t uncommon for people to sign a contract with a party only to later claim that they never had anything to do with the document. This strategy is commonly used to back out of legal obligations.

Unless a third party is present, it’s your word against them. A notary public ensures = no one can use this argument to avoid the harsh penalties associated with breaking a contract.

People Pay More Attention to the Contents of the Document

People often hastily sign documents without ever reading them in full. Once the terms of the document go into effect, and they discover they’ve signed on to a less favorable deal, it leads to the rise of legal disputes. That’s time and money down the drain for both parties.

However, when a notary public is involved in the signing of the document, people are more inclined to thoroughly evaluate the contents of the terms and conditions. This is important because it will help both parties identify disputes before they arise, and make necessary corrections or back out while there is still time.

Deters Fraudsters

There have been countless cases of fraudsters who rely on a victim’s trust and gullibility to defraud them. A common strategy is to build rapport with the victim to execute deals without involving documents. However, involving a notary in any transaction will deter scammers from engaging in these practices.

No Need to Bring a Witness to Court

According to the law in most places, a document that has been notarized by a notary public is self-authenticating. This means that it could be submitted as evidence without bringing in additional proof, including having to produce witnesses.

The process of notarization negates the need to have a notary present, which can go a long way in saving time and money.

Protect Your Valuable Assets

Documents that involve valuable assets like an official bill of sale deeds, trusts, and mortgages often require notarization. You will know that the document has been notarized because it will be indicated somewhere in the terms and conditions.

Your attorney may provide you with further instructions on what documents to notarized, depending on the legal situation.

Depending on your needs and requirements, you might want to check in with a lawyer your’ working with to learn if there are other steps that you need to take for documentation.

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