When to Hire a Notary Public in Atascadero, CA

Notary publics are officials appointed by the state to act as a witness to their clients. Generally, notary publics are fall under either of the two categories: stationary or mobile. Stationary notary publics authorize clients to come to their office in order to perform various notary acts while mobile notaries travel to the client’s designated location to carry out a notary act.

Every state has a specific set of notaries that permit commissioned notary publics to perform. The question is: what services notary publics offer so that you can hire them when need be? Continue to read this post to find the answer to this pressing query.

1. Acknowledgments

According to the National Notary Association, the role of notaries is to serve as a fraud determent. When a signer has to perform an acknowledgment that entails the signing of official documents like contracts, deeds, and power of attorney, he would need to hire a notary public in Atascadero, CA.

The signer would have to acknowledge to the hired notary that the signature on the document is his own; that he willingly signed it and is thoroughly aware of the provisions of the document.

2. Copy Certifications

In order to perform a copy certification, the person would have to take the original certificate that needs to be copied to a notary public in Atascadero, CA. Documents that may require copy certification includes contracts, diplomas, medical reports, utility bills, license, and leases.

The notary would make a copy of the document through a photocopying machine. He will also fill out a copy certification to assert that the photocopy is a genuine copy of the original document.  Many states, including Florida and Texas, forbid notaries to perform copy certifications. Only California allows the copy certification service of power of attorney or the Notary’s journal; but only if the state official or the state court makes a special request.

3. Oaths/Affirmation

Clients also hire a notary public in Atascadero, CA when they want him/her to witness an affirmation or a verbal oath. Oaths and affirmations hold more gravity than acknowledgments as the signer not only has to sign the document in front of the notary but perform a solemn pledge as well. To honor a person, notaries should be hired during oaths and affirmation.

4. Jurats

Also known as an affidavit, the primary function of a jurat is to swear that all the contents of a document, signed by an individual, are true and original.

The affirmation is only done in front of a notary and therefore, the individual has to hire a notary public so that he can be the witness of your declaration.

If you have notary needs to fulfill including acknowledgments, jurats, oaths, affirmations, affidavits, and deeds, click here.

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