Why Notarization Is Important

You would know how fake and forged documents are easily available against a nominal fee. People with genuine documents, as a result, will have to undergo strict scrutiny. But there are many governmental facilities available that will help you prove the authenticity of your documents.

On this basis, it is essential to get your documents notarized by a notary public. Notarization means that you are getting your documents attested for its legitimacy and genuineness. What follows is the list of legal documents that should be notarized.

1. Affidavit

Affidavits are a kind of a promise that a person makes in writing. Naturally, it is important to get the document notarized so that it is proved beyond doubt that whatever is claimed in the affidavit is true and genuine. While you can get your documents notarized at any public notary at legal firms or banks, there is also an option available where you can get the services of a private company that has the license to provide notary services. This will save you to wait in long queues for your work to be done.

2. Power of Attorney

The power of attorney document is an official document that says that the transfer of delegation of power has been taken place. This transfer means that the person who is in authority has nominated another person who he deems fit as his agent. This person will then act on behalf of the principal and oversee all financial matters. The same document can also be used to give the other person the right to process someone else’s real estate transactions. This is a very important document as it talks about the delegations of duties and responsibilities, and it is essential that this document is notarized in a timely manner.

3. Medical Authorization

This kind of medical authorization is best suited in cases where a minor is admitted in the hospital. In this document, the parents or legal guardians of the minor child sign that they have consented to the treatment provided to the child. This documents also helps the parents to protect their child against any unapproved treatment. The document clearly states the treatment that medical practitioners prescribed to a particular patient.

4. Medical Records

The document that asks for the relevant authorities to give the document holder the right to access specified medical records should be notarized in all cases. This is because medical records of a person should be kept private and unauthorized people shouldn’t be allowed to access the records. This is why if someone wants to obtain medical records, even if they are his or hers, notarization is essential.

5. Deed of Trust

In legal terms, the deed of trust is the legal document which is “an agreement between a lender and a borrower to give the property to a neutral third party who will serve as a trustee”. This document is mainly for those who have purchased a home and now that house is being mortgaged.  


Always remember to get your legal documents notarized to avoid any problems in the future.

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