What does it Mean to Have Something Notarized?

Whenever you see a document that has the Notary Public’s seal in Atascadero, CA, it means that the document has been notarized. While many people know the importance of getting documents notarized, there are still many that do not know what it means to have something notarized and when it is needed.

You must probably have had some documents notarized at some point. Did you ever think about why you had to notarize them? Is there really a benefit to having a document notarized?

The Notary Public’s seal in Atascadero, CA is actually an important risk management tool, which can help prevent any chances of fraud and identity theft.

What is a Notary Public?

Of course, you must be wondering what a notary public is. A notary public is basically a third-party witness to the signing of a legally binding contract or document. They are also the witness responsible for oversight of the fact that all the parties who signed the document have done so under their own power and that they have not been coerced into doing so.

S ome people assume that having a Notary Public’s seal in Atascadero, CA means nothing more than establishing that the signature has been done without force and coercion. This means that if one of the parties signed the contract of their own will but without a proper understanding of the terms, the notary public is not going to say anything.

Technically speaking, that is true. As far as the regulations regarding the role that Notary Public officers play, they are not required to make sure that all the parties understand the documents they are signing, they are not responsible for determining whether any of the parties are competent or not.

What it Means to get Something Notarized

The Notary Public’s seal in Atascadero, CA on any document automatically self-authenticates the documents, which are notarized. This means that the signer does not need to testify the authenticity of their signatures in the court room. The notarized documents make litigation an easier affair.


Americans collectively notarize over a billion documents every year. The notarization of a document essentially ensures that everybody trusts the authority of the legal documents. Whenever a person is purchasing a home or if there is someone establishing the power of attorney, the certainty and clarity aren’t things you can work out later on.

A notary public is a public official who is appointed by a state government to make sure that there is no fraud. It is also an effective tool against the threat of identity theft.

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