What Documents Can You Get Signed By A Notary Public

The job of a notary public is highly critical. They’re appointed by the state to serve as a witness to the signing of important documents. It is the job of a notary public to ensure that the signers of documents understand the contents of the document they’re signing and are signing at their free will. It also falls under the responsibility of a notary public to ensure that the signer isn’t impersonating someone they’re not.

However, a notary public’s role is limited to the signing of only certain types of documents. You can’t expect them to sign any document that you ask them to. If you want to know which documents a notary public sign, this blog post will help you a great deal.

Financial Documents

Investment firms, banks, title companies, and a number of financial institutions employ a notary public to oversee the signing processes of important investment and financial documents. The signing of documents that require the presence of a notary public includes property deeds, loan documents, mortgage closing documents, and credit documents.

Legal Documents

The services of a notary public are specifically critical when it comes to the signing of legal documents. Any situation where legalities are involved calls for extra vigilance and monitoring. It is where the role of a notary public comes into play. Documents like trust, wills, executorships, advanced directives, court documents, custody agreements, and power of attorney are highly sensitive and critical documents whose genuine nature needs to be assured. The notary public bears witness that the signers understand the contents of the documents and that there was nothing illegal or suspicious involved.

Business Documents

The role of a notary public isn’t limited to legal or financial documents. Their services are needed for a number of business-related documents as well. Not all business documents need to be signed by a notary public. There are some that require a notary public to verify. These documents include commercial leases, vendor contracts, employment contracts, Articles of incorporation, loan and construction agreements, and Memorandum of Understanding.

The Authority of a Notary Public

The role of a notary public is critical. With this role, they also get a high degree of authority. If a notary public suspects foul play, they can refuse to sign the document. It is the responsibility of a notary public to ensure that the person signing the document is the person that is supposed to be signing and that the signer isn’t under any influence at the time of signing. The notary public has the authority to refuse to sign and verify a document he suspects even a bit of misrepresentation or dishonesty.


A notary public holds a very important position in every state. There are multiple areas where a document won’t be considered acceptable without a notarization stamp. If a document has a notarization stamp from a reliable notary public, you can rest assured that the document is genuine.

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