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SLO Notary is a premier notary public service in Paso Robles.  We are here to serve the residents and local businesses in Paso Robles.  We are the Paso Robles Notary specialists.  Paso Robles residents and local businesses always look forward to working with SLO Notary whether you live in the downtown area or even out in the countryside.

Most people don’t really even think about notaries and what they do until the time comes that you really need one.  A Notary’s duty is to screen signers of important documents to establish true identity, establish a person’s willingness to sign without duress and that they are aware of the contents of the document or transaction.  Some notarizations also require a Notary to put the signer under oath to declare that the information contained in a document is true and correct.

We specialize in servicing Estate Planning documents, living wills and trusts, power of attorney and health care documents, acknowledgments, jurats, affidavits, oaths and affirmations and signature witnessing as well as other types of documents that need notarization.   We hope you feel comfortable knowing you can work with a local, reputable firm.

With so many things to do, spending time looking for a Notary shouldn’t be one of them.  Whatever your notary need, we hope you will consider SLO Notary.  Please call, text or email us for an appointment and we can make arrangements for one of our notaries to travel to a location of your choice.  It is all about convenience and flexibility.  Whatever your notary need, we are here to help.  Life can be stressful, but choosing a notary doesn’t need to be one of them.

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When Your Notary is Done

Paso Robles:  Move over Sonoma!  Situated in the heart of the best California wine country, (we think),  this central coast town located just north of San Luis Obispo is famous not only for it’s wine but for it’s healing mineral hot springs and first rate restaurants and eateries.

Home of the California Midstate Fair, this big, little town is one of California’s best kept secrets and has everything you have been missing and you didn’t even know it.

Drop by for a soak at River Oaks Hot Springs, (previously known as Paso Robles Hot Springs) or Franklin Hot Springs that sits on an artesian thermal spring.  Known for its therapeutic remedies and mineral rich waters, take a day to relax and pamper yourself

Take in a live performance at Vina Robles Amphitheatre which boasts one of the largest outdoor entertainment venues in San Luis Obispo County. (Think wine meets live music on a picturesque hillside.)

Walk the downtown shops and explore the local food.  Check out the events at the Paso Robles Event Center on the Midstate Fairgrounds! There is always something going on! The fair, concerts, trade shows and conventions. And for kids, or the kid in you, the Ravine Waterpark is always a cooling attraction, especially in the warm summer months!

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