Legal Documents That Need to be Notarized and Why is There a Need For it?

If you’ve ever had to deal with legal documents, you may know how important notarization of legal documents is. Legal documents aren’t acceptable without a notarization stamp. By getting your document notarized, you’re actually getting it verified for its authenticity.

When we talk about the notarization of legal documents, you may wonder which documents are to be notarized and why? Well, if you’re still unclear about why a particular document needs to be notarized, this blog post will help you get the clarity. We’ve listed down the various legal documents that won’t be accepted without a notarization stamp.


Affidavits are the most common legal documents that need to be notarized. They’re statements confirmed by affirmation or oath. You can get affidavits notarized by a notary public, legal firms, or banks. By getting an affidavit notarized, the signer secures themselves as it guarantees and verifies the document’s purpose.

Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is an important document that documents the transfer of power regarding financial matters from the principal holder to someone else. Apart from appointing someone on your behalf to look after financial issues, it’s also used to give someone the authority to process real estate transactions on your behalf. When you get a Power of Attorney notarized by a notary public, it authenticates and verifies the transfer of power.

Medical Authorization and Medical Documents

Medical authorization is a document through which hospitals take permission from the guardians or parents of minors to treat them in their facility. Some hospitals or clinics, under certain circumstances, require notarized medical authorization from the parents before a child’s treatment can be started. It confirms certain treatments that the minor would receive, and the hospital can’t include any treatment that the parents haven’t given their consent for.

Apart from medical authorization, medical records need to be notarized too. Medical records contain personal information, and the notarization verifies what the document will be used for and who will be using it. Notarization of medical records safeguards the privacy of individuals whose medical records are being used.

Business Documents

Certain business documents like registering a business, registering a business owner, or documents to obtain permits need to be notarized. It’s crucial because when we talk about business-related matters, a lot is at stake. A notary public verifies the documents involved are authentic and that there is no discrepancy.

Deed of Trust

The Deed of Trust is one of the most important documents that need to be notarized. It’s required when a home is mortgaged or purchased. A Deed of Purchase is basically an agreement between the buyer and seller, or lender and borrower. A notarized Deed of Purchase protects both parties and ensures that the agreement isn’t altered without the consent of both involved parties.

Notarization of legal documents is essential to ensure there are no unlawful or illegal proceedings in any situation. The role of a notary public is extremely crucial. If you wish to get any documents notarized for any purpose, make sure you’re dealing with a reliable notary public.

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