Common Documents That Need to Be Notarized

To make a legal claim on any document and to increase its weightage in the eyes of the law, a document must be notarized. Every person needs a notarization once in life, whether to make the documents of a house credible or get a degree from any institute certified.

What Is Notarization?

A procedure in which any document can achieve credibility is to get a stamp or sign of an authoritative figure who can guarantee the documents and vouch for their authenticity.

Who is a Notary Public?

The person who signs or stamps the documents is a Notary Public. These can be government officials who have the authority as a third party to legalize the documents.

Benefits of Hiring Notary Public

Here are some typical benefits that the notary public can give to you:

  1. Reduced Stress

Hiring a notary public can put you at ease if you are not well versed with the language of documents but need to sign them.

  1. Prevention from Fraud

In such cases, fraudsters are roaming around property transfers or in business sectors to get contracts with clauses to save themselves or harm the other party by making new loopholes. A Notary Public can read the contracts and give you the legal advice needed. Furthermore, it saves you the trouble of going through the process alone.

  1. Legalized Documents at your Doorstep

The best advantage of hiring a Notary Public is that all of your documents can be legalized with just a sign and a stamp.

Common Documents That Need to Be Notarized

Here’s the list of documents that a person must get notarized as soon as possible to avoid any future troubles legally.

Lease Documents

If there is something you have given on lease, like any automotive or a house on rent, make sure the contract is signed and then notarized so that no one claims the property to be theirs.

Closing Documents

When you close a house, you must get the transfer papers under your name and after that, make sure the main document is notarized along with the copies. There are always high chances of fraud in cases of real estate. So a notary seal will be the evidence of a legal claim and would turn any contract lawful.

Taking Out A Mortgage

The mortgage documents should always be notarized, and the notary public could serve to be the witness of binding contracts and payments of first and second mortgages.

Proxies For Medical Emergency

The prescriptions or the medical certificates are for sure legal pieces of evidence that a person is ill. However, with so many photoshopped prescriptions and certificates, companies are rather suspicious of people who provide these. However, if the prescription or certificate is notarized, it is held in a credible manner and reflects authenticity.

Wills and Power of Attorney

You don’t want your children or extended relatives making unnecessary claims on your property and money after you die. Getting the will and power of attorney documents notarized is crucial, so there is no fight after you die.

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